Teeth Whitening

Your smile says more about you than any other physical feature so make it dazzle with Opalescence Tooth Whitening.

As well as being a natural part of ageing, discoloured teeth can also be a result of tooth decay, fillings, tartar build-up, smoking and even indulging too much in certain coloured foods and drinks. Whatever the cause, teeth whitening can help reverse theses effects and enhance your appearance. The procedure is short, simple and non-invasive, making it a popular option with men and women of all ages who desire a whiter, fresher smile.

Tooth whitening can only be legally carried out by a registered dental professional, so by having tooth whitening at St Peter’s Place you know you are in safe, experienced hands.

What's Involved?

At the first appointment Dr Whitehead will take impressions of your teeth.

A week later you will be supplied with custom made trays which fit over your teeth and eight tubes of Opalescence PF formula tooth whitening gel.

Dr Whitehead will give you full instructions on how to use the gel and will ask you to wear the trays overnight for a recommended time period.

After the trays have been worn for the required length of time you will have a new, whiter, fresher smile!

More information

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